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Liberty Orthodontics actually improve our smiles and overall apperance. Not only they make us look better, but also make our life easier. Enjoy simple things as food, conversation and smile. Forget about uncomfortable social encounters. Our focus is on your overall well being and helping you achieve optimal health and esthetics.

Dental Prevention 75%

Fluoride Treatment 50%

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Liberty Aligners

How do they work?

Liberty Aligners are a series of invisibles that gently move teeth in stages until they are ideally aligned!.

How are the aligners generated?

With the hardware and software technology that we have we can convert the traditional alginate impression or an intraoral scan into a workable 3D digital model. Once the patients arches are in digital form we use computer software to move the teeth into the ideal position with accuracy and precision. After the teeth have been straightened the information gathered by the software allows us to properly determine how many aligners will be required to achieve that perfect smile.

What are your capabilities of moving teeth?

We can virtually put teeth wherever you need them to be. We can rotate them, we can move the tips or the whole tooth lingually/buccally as well as mesially and distally. If the heights of the teeth are uneven we can intrude and extrude them. We can do extractions of teeth as well if it’s being replaced by a pontic. If there are movements that need to be more precise, if a tooth needs extra pressure to move, or if you’re worried about retention we can add tabs to teeth that will help.

How do I know if a patient is a good candidate?

We can usually tell with the initial examination of the patients arches if aligners will be a good fit. We can also do a work up and provide an estimate using the software of how many aligners would be required at a cost of $100.

What is the general process of doing aligners?

When we receive impressions/scan for your patient we…

1- Assess the patients arches and determine if your patient falls within the capabilities of aligners
2-Enter all the data into the software to simulate the treatment plan
3-Create a shared folder with you (we will need your email address) via Dropbox to transfer videos and pictures of the treatment plan that was generated by the software
4-Send an email or call with detailed information (cost, number of aligners, etc.) and instruction (IPR, attachments, etc.) of the treatment plan
5-Wait for authorization from you to go ahead with the printing of the aligners

Things to note:
We will send the first 6 stages of aligners per arch if your patient requires more than 6 aligners
When your patient is at the 6th stage of aligners we will require new impressions/scan in order to maintain fit and accuracy of the aligners

How long should a patient wear each set of aligners?

Each set should be worn from 10 days to 2 weeks to allow a smooth transition from stage to stage with little discomfort.

What if I need more aligners after the initial set?

We can produce additional aligners for refinement if needed at no extra cost. However, a fee will apply to any aligners that are lost or broken

Will the patient need a wire retainer after treatment?

The final set of aligners can be used as retainers, however, if you prefer a wire retainer be made for night time use we can do that too.

How do I get started?

Please email us at libertyorthodontics@hotmail.com or call us at (204) 231-5332. We look forward to helping you help your patients achieve that perfect smile.

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Liberty Orthodontics

At Liberty orthodontics we provide clear aligners that are digitally organized to move the teeth with gentle pressure to move into ideal alignment.

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